Half-Hour Lesson w/Paul Do Canto, head teaching pro

Years Teaching Experience: 14 years
Phone: (661) 965-3498
Email: thegolfyoda@aol.com

I have been very fortunate to help: Coach - Instruct - Motivate & Develop U.S. Kids California State Champions - Golden League Champions - Golden League Scoring Champions - Zero Limits Tour Champions • Take Beginners to their next level and into the world of being single digits • Help the Recreational Golfer enjoy their journey of this intoxicating sport. • Volunteer & Chair Golf Tournaments & Clinics for our Local Veterans & Peace Officers. • Have been blessed in helping families obtain scholarships for their sons/daughters. • Witnessed the magic of what proper fitting of equipment can do to an individual’s game and the smiles we have shared on the range and course tracking the progress. • Assisting Youth Golfers with increasing their club head speed to just keeping our Seniors in shape with good conditioning sessions. • Watching and learning! • The everyday life of a Golf Teacher • THE BEST SEAT IN THE HOUSE!

$40.00 $25.00